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Ancillary Service for Otolaryngologists Spreading Like Wildfire in Alabama and Mississippi

For the past 18 years, board-certified Otolaryngologist and Neurotologist Dr. William McFeely has witnessed imbalanced patients suffering from the same issues over and over again, without having the answer to help them. Today, McFeely has an answer, and is working on recruiting physicians and physical therapists across the southeast to help these patients with this new model.

Dr. McFeely received his bachelor's degree and medical degree from the University of Michigan, completed residency at the University of Florida, and his Fellowship at the Michigan Ear Institute.

While treating patients at North Alabama ENT, McFeely and his five partners acknowledged the fact that they were seeing patients each and every day with balance disorders, but were extremely frustrated not being able to help them. When asked about this current problem taking place in America, McFeely adamantly stated, “Every doctor knows this is going on, but they feel powerless… something needs to be done.”

Meeting Dr. Carl Stephenson

Fellow Alabama colleague, otolaryngologist Dr. Carl Stephenson had been facing the same challenge. One year ago, Stephenson and his partners found the answer to treating dizzy and imbalanced patients.

In 2016, Stephenson discovered what looked to be a viable option for treating the patients that have long frustrated ENTs in the past, FYZICAL.

In May of 2016, Stephenson attended a Game Changer event hosted by FYZICAL, on behalf of his team. At the event, he finally discovered there is an answer to helping his balance and dizziness patients. “I was ready to go. I came back to tell my team, they all agreed it was a no-brainer, and we’re all excited to get it kicked off,” said Stephenson.

Balance center a success before it’s even open

Stephenson and his partners secured their territory in Tuscaloosa, AL and began developing their balance center.

After informing neighboring specialty practices throughout Tuscaloosa about their new offering of balance services, Stephenson’s team received feedback all saying the same thing, “Oh my god. I will fill you up, I don’t know what to do with these patients.” Soon, they discovered they were right. Their waitlist started filling up before their balance center was even open!

Around this time, Stephenson also attended Brand Triumph, an annual networking meeting with other FYZICAL franchisees. He realized the excitement he felt was shared within this network and he truly got a feel for what this opportunity entailed. He and his partners wanted more.

Stephenson and his group quickly acquired exclusive rights to the entire state of Alabama to provide balance therapy under the FYZICAL brand. “We realized this opportunity is so much greater than helping people within our current clinic… we can help these patients on a much larger scale. We have the contacts and resources to help spread the word throughout our entire home state of Alabama. In fact, it’s our goal to ensure every person has access to a balance and fall prevention center in Alabama,” says Stephenson.

He called fellow otolaryngologists across Alabama to inform them of this opportunity. One of them listened with a very close ear, Dr. William McFeely.

After hearing his colleague’s confidence in the benefits his patients and business would gain, McFeely quickly realized this was the answer to his patients’ needs, and would significantly help the business.

McFeely’s partners agreed that Stephenson was on to something, but also understood the need to act fast. Now was the time to help these dizzy patients and create additional wealth in their business.

McFeely and his partners opened their first balance center in Huntsville, AL, and immediately saw the impact Stephenson was raving about. “FYZICAL helped us design our balance center, train our therapists, and show the business behind balance. Additionally, FYZICAL provided support to reduce inefficiencies throughout our entire business. We saw tremendous growth and my partners and I were blown away by the rapid success we achieved.

McFeely and Stephenson were flooded with patients that once frustrated them, but now, were EXCITED to treat them! Not to mention, they were achieving financial success they never imagined.

With the obvious need for balance therapy across the nation, and the rapid growth and success these physicians have experienced within their own centers, McFeely saw an opportunity to expand into the entire state of Mississippi.

McFeely and his team have now secured the exclusive rights to Mississippi, much like Stephenson had done in Alabama. This opportunity has created tremendous financial growth and eliminated competition.

Working together to expand balance in the Southeastern United States

The proven success of these two forward-thinking ENTs has led to 30+ physicians in Alabama / Mississippi now on board building their balance centers with the help of McFeely and Stephenson. These ENTs won’t have to reinvent the wheel. McFeely and Stephenson offer first-hand knowledge, experience and support to those that wish to follow the path of expert balance and dizziness treatment, in addition to the help of the FYZICAL Implementation and Support teams.

It’s clear that the FYZICAL balance opportunity is taking the otolaryngology profession by storm. Many forward thinking otolaryngologists are who’ve added their balance centers are already seeing higher patient volume, increased referrals and more power over hospitals. They are implementing a business model for the future of healthcare.

Don’t miss the boat.

Take Stephenson’s advice, “Explore FYZICAL today. At the very least, do it for your patients. You’ll realize it’s a turnkey operation, and simply put, it’s the right thing to do. You will grow every part of your practice through this vehicle, and you are taking care of the population that needs it most. If you don’t see this, you just don’t want to see it. These patients need your help and we finally have the answer.”

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