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Adding Balance to Your Practice Has Never Been Easier

You can now add balance to your practice in as little as one month with the FYZICAL implementation team’s proven method.

Dr. Daniel Deems, otolaryngologist with a PhD in the neurosciences, and the first ENT to add FYZICAL balance to his practice, is now focused on helping fellow colleagues across the country build their new balance centers. He and his team of experts are helping private practice ENTs integrate this ancillary service into their existing practice every step of the way.

Did you know falls are the leading cause of injury for Americans over 65? 1One in four older Americans fall each year, resulting in more than 3 million emergency room visits, 850,000 hospitalizations, and 32,000 deaths. Odds are, nearly half of your patients can will benefit from balance therapy.

Start by asking every patient about their medical risks for imbalance. Encourage your patients to talk about reducing their risk of falling. This epidemic is preventable and you can help Fight the Fall. As otolaryngologists, you are the defenders of the vestibular system -- why not lead the charge in your community and help reduce the near $50 billion expended annually on falls?

You’re likely aware of these stats, and perhaps you’ve even considered adding balance and dizziness services to your ENT practice but didn’t know where to start.

Adding balance to your practice can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be any more. A seamless system for adding balance to your existing practice is available to you now. What may have seemed difficult before, has never been easier!

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of adding balance, just starting to consider it, or simply want to know a little bit more about what it takes to implement, you NEED to hear the story about how fellow otolaryngologist, Dr. Daniel Deems is helping his colleagues across the country open their balance centers.

Deems already had two highly successful, stand-alone FYZICAL balance centers functioning in Las Vegas. Upon realizing the opportunity to open a balance center inside his ENT practice, Dr. Deems and his team, including FYZICAL Principal and spouse Dr. Rhonda Deems and ENT partner Dr. Vien Phommachanh, snapped into action.

They sought new office space to expand the practice and build a new balance center from scratch. On February 1st, 2016, they received keys to their 4,500 sq. ft. leased office space.

In the following 28 days they:

  • Remodeled, painted and "FYZICAL-IZED" the new space.
  • Commissioned fabrication and installation of the proprietary "S.O.S." safety overhead support railing.
  • Ordered and installed new major equipment, including a CDP.
  • Installed new ENT exam chairs, SMR carts and fully equipped three new ENT exam rooms, and built a new instrument processing room.
  • Scrapped their single office file server EMR and converted to a cloud based EMR for both offices.
  • Transitioned their land line phone system to a VOIP, cloud based, phone system in both offices and outfitted both offices with integrated computers.
  • Obtained county and landlord permits, and installed new external lighted signage so new clients could see the new location from day one.
  • Developed and installed a customized audio booth above ASHA standards. (So their audiology sales could expand alongside the new balance program.)

On February 29th, (a memorable leap year) their new Doctor of Physical Therapy, trained to deliver balance during that same month, saw their first of many balance patients.

Dr. Deems and his team were able to accomplish all of the steps mentioned above with the help of the relationships they built through FYZICAL’s nationwide cooperative. The great team approach at the core of the FYZICAL family makes visions a reality.

Since Deems has added his FYZICAL balance center, he has increased ancillary services across the board, hired three physician employees, and developed a business not dependent on his presence. His new business model allows Dan to spend his time elsewhere, focusing on helping fellow otolaryngologists across the country open their balance centers.

You Can Add Balance—With Guidance from Dr. Deems and the FYZICAL Implementation Team

By aligning with FYZICAL, you gain access to the step-by-step implementation model pioneered by Dr. Deems and his team.

The team will customize the build out that’s right for your practice, and show you the exact steps to add expert balance services within your ENT practice. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the entire plan will be laid out for you, including how to:

  • Identify balance patients
  • Optimize patient flow
  • Ensure your staff is trained with the best protocols in balance and vestibular rehabilitation
  • Verify regulation and safety compliance
  • And much more

Everyone Will Send You Their Dizzy Patients - and You’ll Love It.

Have you ever had to ask your scheduler to limit the number of dizzy patients you’ll see? After adding a FYZICAL Balance and Dizziness Center, not only will you want to see more patients with imbalance, but you’ll happily take on ALL dizzy patients from your colleagues and develop a reputation as a leader in balance therapy in the community.

What are You Waiting For?

This opportunity comes with an exclusive territory, and ENTs are jumping at the chance to add balance therapy to their practices realizing the benefits to both the practice and patients. Consider this your formal invitation, before the competition locks you out and you miss your opportunity to capture 100% market domination. You’ll wish you explored balance years ago. Think of FYZICAL as the miracle-drug prescription for growing your business.



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