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74-Year-Old Climbs 8,000 Foot Mountain… After Knee Surgery

We all know someone who loves to be outside and just enjoy Mother Nature. Whether they are hiking, fishing, biking, or horseback riding, they always prefer the great outdoors. Richard Morrow, a 74-year-old Florida “snowbird,” originally from Michigan, fits this description to a T.

Richard was scheduled to go to the Elk Hunting Camp in Wyoming this past fall for a vacation…. but he suffered a fall, and it was looking like he’d have to cancel the trip.

It was early 2017 while taking a walk on the beach in Michigan. Richard was walking the jetty when his foot slipped and got caught between rocks, causing him to slip and fall. This fall resulted in a Lateral and Medial Meniscus Tear in his left knee, leading to surgery a few days later. After surgery, his doctor told him he would need physical therapy, referring him to FYZICAL in St. Petersburg, FL. He was greeted by Tricia Trinque and her team, led by clinical director, Tonya McLean.

Richard immediately told them he was going to Wyoming in October for a big hunting trip and needed to be able to hike up an 8,000-foot mountain in the snow to hunt with his friends. This would be a challenging feat for anyone, never mind a 74-year-old who just underwent knee surgery!

Tonya and her staff told Richard they could help him accomplish his goal and developed his plan of care. He needed two months of physical therapy to develop the strength necessary to handle the grueling, unsteady terrain he would experience during his trip.

At the end of his physical therapy, Tonya told Richard she thought he would be able to handle the terrain on his hunting trip and Richard was ecstatic!

“Words cannot adequately describe my elation for the medical skills and professionalism enamored on me by, Dr. Menon, his surgical team and FYZICAL. I was able to climb multiple mountains during this hunt with a completely rehabilitated knee for which I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU one and all.” - Richard Morrow

Physical therapists like Tonya and her team are helping patients every day live longer, healthier lives and return to the activities they love. What an amazing profession to be a part of!


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