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105-year-old dances with his wife for FIRST time in 33 YEARS... in an ENT clinic?

This is Gus and his lovely wife dancing together after 33 YEARS of being unable to do so.


They’re in an ENT Clinic in Sarasota, FL, where they have rekindled their romance with Spanish Eyes playing in the background.

You see… Gus is a pretty amazing dude.

He currently owns 2 Guinness World Records:

  1. Oldest active living member of the PGA
  2. Oldest person to ever hit a hole-in-one (103 years old)

At his age, Gus wanted two things in life: 1) To play golf every week and 2) To dance with his wife.

In their younger years, they would golf together and finish their evenings dancing at the local club until it closed. But, now, it was dangerous for the two of them to dance together due to fear of falling… which can be devastating at their age.

The majority of people, many physicians included, would probably tell him…. Well Gus, you’re ONE…HUNDRED…AND…FIVE. Your golfing days are over… and your dancing days? Yeah, those too.

But Gus wasn’t done doing the things he loved.

gus.pngGus saw his ENT for a routine ear issue and was surprised to learn his physician, Otolaryngologist Vien Phommanchanh, MD, told him about his balance therapy program within his ENT practice where Gus could work on his balance with the hope of continued independent living.

After an initial evaluation and short period of treatment (4 visits!), today, Gus is back to playing golf every week.

As for the dancing… during his last balance therapy session, Kristin, his therapist, asked Gus if he wanted to dance with his wife.

Since Gus was the last patient of the day, they had the floor to themselves, and Spanish Eyes (the same song they danced to at their wedding) was playing over the speakers.

They started to dance and she started to sing to him… the entire staff watched in heartfelt amazement as they shared their first dance in 33 years.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the clinic…

Among the witnesses with his own teary eyes was Gus’ physician… Vien Phommachanh. We discussed FYZICAL’s balance program with him and he kindly shared his experience.

vien-p.png“I’ve never seen anything like it. I knew we could help almost everyone, but I was skeptical because of his age.

This is why I became a physician. To have this kind of impact on people’s lives. It is so rewarding to see and be a part of.

We got into balance a few years ago, because we were seeing a high number of patients with dizziness and fall risk, but not offering a solution other than testing and reassurance.

Our practice was successful by anyone’s measure with high clinical and surgical volume, but work started to feel routine.

I was performing the same surgeries day in and day out and I felt as if I’d reached a plateau in my career. Professionally, I didn’t feel challenged.

We were searching for a better way to serve these untreated patients and potentially generate more revenue. But we felt maxed out with full schedules and thought there had to be a way to do this without simply working harder or seeing more patients.

Fast forward to March 2016. My partner and I opened a balance center in our practice...

It has completely rejuvenated my career, AND our business.

We’ve grown from 2 to 5 physicians in one year. My partner and I are successfully operating an employee based model, and generating more income, while helping more patients.

We’re able to grow our practice by providing more services to our patients, that… NONE of our competitors are offering!

We were also surprised to see a tremendous growth in our hearing aid sales. This made perfect sense, since the elderly generally have hearing and balance issues at the same time. As we saw more balance patients, we also saw more hearing patients. This, naturally, has added additional ancillary revenue to the practice.

This has set us apart in our community and the response from our referring physicians has been tremendously positive.

I had also noted that the patients’ expectations from their doctors had changed. They had higher desire for quality of life and were less willing to let age defy their goals. Simply ruling out major illness and reassuring them was not sufficient.

We’ve changed our mindset to accommodate these desires and incorporated a more preventative approach, stopping falls and improving quality of life. Being proactive towards health, rather than reactive to illness.

Gone are the days when you can just write a script or tell patients they need surgery. Patients today want holistic, comprehensive care.

It has been a win-win for us and our patients.” – Vien Phommanchanh, MD

In summary, by partnering with FYZICAL and adding balance to their practice, Dr. Phommachanh’s practice has:

  • Added significant ancillary revenue to their business
  • Allowed practice growth by expanding services and recruited physicians seeking employment
  • Worked miracles for these people with balance challenges
  • Improved the value of their practice, thus creating a wealthy exit strategy…

You have the opportunity to do the same thing for your practice and your patients.

Over 160 ENTs have already planned on opening a FYZICAL balance center within their practice and the opportunity was just launched last year!

A handful of these physicians have already opened their centers and are ALL experiencing similar benefits.

FYZICAL is a franchise based system, territories are exclusive.

But… because of the appeal of this opportunity, otolaryngologists, audiologists, neurologists, physical therapists, and even investors are claiming these territories to offer the same service. Once these territories are claimed, the opportunity is gone in that market.

As an otolaryngologist, there are certainly large numbers of patients in your practice and an even larger number in your community that need help with dizziness, balance, and fall prevention. This is a huge professional and financial opportunity for your practice that would fit seamlessly into your current scope of care.

This is how you better serve patients who are already coming to you and in doing so can help boost your practice’s bottom line.

As an otolaryngologist, please check out this opportunity… If not for your practice, for your patients.

To hear more, please register for an OTO Game Changer event. 

The events are free, and they take place on weekends so you don’t have to miss any patients. This really is once-in-a-lifetime, because once your territory is claimed, it’s gone forever.

These events are limited to 8 physician groups. Register as soon as possible to ensure the event isn’t full… they will go on a waitlist.

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