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Why You Need a Physician Liaison for Your PT Practice

Sep 6, 2017 7:15:00 AM

A physician liaison is someone that works for your practice to increase referrals and build relationships in your community.

If you don’t already have a physician liaison working for you, you should consider hiring one because they can be a great asset to growing your business. Here is everything you need to know about physician liaisons.

Physician liaisons do a variety of things with one goal in mind: GET MORE REFERRALS.

A good physician liaison has goals set each week and a plan of how to reach those goals. A physician liaison works as a brand ambassador or “face of the practice,” to create and maintain relationships with people in your community.

Doctor relationships are the most important to a physician liaison because doctors typically are the largest referrers to physical therapy clinics. Not always though - Click here to find out how you can start getting referrals from other PTs.

A physician liaison can also create relationships with various businesses in the community to build reputation and trust as a great physical therapy practice in the area.

This can be accomplished through networking events or other local gatherings where the physician liaison can get to know other business people, and residents in the community and promote the practice.

There is a lot that goes into hiring the right physician liaison and tracking the success of that role. Ultimately, a physician liaison’s primary goals are: bringing in more referrals and building relationships with both the local and medical community around you.

Learn everything you need to know about physician liaisons by reading the guide below. This guide reveals the best traits to look for in a physician liaison, the responsibilities of a physician liaison, as well as the challenges and benefits to having a physician liaison working for your practice.

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